Is redevelopment the solution for golf problems? Maybe.

Remember the good old days of Golf Course Development? The days when golf courses were built as part of residential communities and the homes looking at the golf course would sell for a premium. The [Read More]

Does Chicago need another high end Daily Fee golf course ?

In a time when the supply and demand for golf course is no where near equilibrium the City of Chicago and the Park District are proposing to spend $30 million to rebuild the Jackson Park [Read More]

State of the Golf Course Investment Market

While most of the commercial real estate world has seen values increase since 2008 the golf course industry has been stagnant. 2016 was no better than the year before and with not much hope that [Read More]

Looking for some Debt?

Golf Course Finance Net Operating Income, EBITDA, Gross Revenue Multiplier, Cap Rate, Net Income Multiplier, Debt Coverage Rate, Loan To Value; What do these catch phrases mean and how do they impact you as a [Read More]

In the rough

In the rough – that describes the state of the golf course industry to a tee. For a long form version of how the golf industry got to where it is today this dissertation form [Read More]

Teeing Off

I’ve been hanging around golf courses since I was old enough to carry a bag as a caddy. I’ve always loved being on the course, swinging as hard as I can and hanging out with [Read More]